Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Reavers and Pagans

Storm Isles - pagan barbarian raiders, no currency, symbols like dragons, giant's head, serpents, skull pyramid. warriors mixture of woad-painted barbarian berserkers and mail-shirted huskarls. formori foes, fjords, competing kings, names like fairhair, bloodaxe, one-eye. Some ritual death dealing, ala ironprice or joesky's barbarian - called the Old Ways: "blood for blood." Consider it matter of honor to keep the heads of respected enemies, shrink and hang from shields or belts. Stormlanders have not accepted the Word of Law, so have no clerics but wizards and herbal (alchemical) remedies.

Large stone circle, the Menhirs, atop cliff in Storm isles where wizards often dream of new spells, can work mighty magics.

Utlanders - pagans in the woods who have not been conquered or converted by the Church. Sometimes out in woods paying homage to strange gods like the White Lady, the Horned Man, the Gibbering Mother. These gods might have their abodes under the hills or mountains, beneath waterfalls or so on, complete with bestial slaves. Their homes will often be magic filled, for luck or ill-favor.

Encounters in pagan woods:
1. Trolls or formori
2. Dragons
3. Dark god's hollow (wicker man)
4. Pagan village with angry headsman
5. the wild hunt: bacchanalian dryad-valkyries with hardass centaur friends
6. kobolds or red caps, perhaps dwarves
7. Bandit camp
8. Isolated lawful village with cleric or knightly defender, often beleagured and poor.
9. Faeries

Martial organized dwarves of the Halls of the Mountain King somewhere over the Stonecrowns.

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