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The Cairnlands

Lords of Cairnlands
Lord of Drakehall (Green Dragon sigil), Count Oren Ashbriar (Fi7)
Oren Ashbriar is a big, strong man with four sons. His lands occupy the border between the Black Kingdom and Thornlands, and is close enough to the coast and wilderness for many pagan raids, so the Lord of Drakehall battle worn and tested. His lands spill across the hills and scattered forests of the northern Seamist foothills.
Troops & Vassal Levies: 150 heavy foot garrison in Drakehall (high stone tower) plus100 household heavy foot retainers, 25 household knights, 25 longbowmen, 4 sons level 4-5 knights. The Ashbriars have 5 Barons (lv 5-6) as bannermen, and a full muster adds their forces and vassal knights baronet: 25 lv 4 knights, 75 lv 2 knights, 1100 heavy foot.

Demeanor: The Ashbriars are strong and loyal to House Morvain, but value honor and glory. During the days the Guild had acquired de facto control of the Cairnlands the Ashbriars ruled basically independently. Any lord seeking their support would be wise to prove himself in battle against the Ashbriars many enemies.

Plots: Randyll Ashbriar, Oren's firstborn son, seeks the lordship of the Cairnlands and will openly question providing any support to whoever holds the Cairnstones. He also tries to convince his father on virtues of independence or cooperation with Whitehaven unless the Morvains choose a honorable lord for the Cairnstones.

Hooks: an old fortress lies in ruins north of Drakehall. The Ashbriars fear the Redwynes (Tintagel bannermen) seek to occupy the ruins to gain a foothold against them. But the ruins might be home to worse, and  peasants give reports strange lights to their lords.

Bishop Bertram Glover (Cl7), Lord of Greypoint

Count Nyko Talos (Fi6), Lord of Eastport

Strengths & Weaknesses:
Goals & Fears:

Count Simon Berengar (Fi7), Lord of Greenstone
Strengths & Weaknesses: Alistair Berengar (Wi8), Simon's older brother is a powerful wizard who gave up the lordship to practice magic, as the Church forbids wizardly lords.
Goals & Fears::

Encounters in the Cairnlands:
2: Dragons
3: Wild hunt: 2d10 centaurs led by a huntmaster if 8 or more centaurs, armed with spears and bows, accompanied by 1d4 debauched maenads, spirits who appear as beautiful wild women (AC 4, 2 HD, charm, branch-like wands of polymorph 25% or swords). the Hunt wishes to capture trophies for the faerie courts, but will drink the blood of fallen dead foes, or desires a debauched orgy before demanded the lovers accompany back to the faerie court.
4: Wolves: 3d6 black wolves, 2d4 dire wolves (50/50%)
5: Cave bear: 1 or 2, if 2 then near lair
6-8: Game, wild 2d12 herd
9: Formori: these ravenous sea-trolls roam in 2d10 strong packs, seeking destruction and manflesh. they attack with claws for 1d4/1d4 damage or by clubs for 1d8+2 damage; AC 3; HD 3; Mr+2. For every 10, they will be led by a HD 5; AC 5 chieftain armed with a massive axe or club 1d10+2; Mr +3. Formori can breath under water, which they try to stay in sight of, and regenerate 1/hp rd.
10: Stormland reavers
11-12: Knightly patrol: 1/4 chance Baron (Fi5)+10 Kn1+50 footmen; or Knight Lord (Fi3) + 1d4 Kn1 + 20 footmen.
13: Bandits: 1d10x2d4, led by Fi4, 50% armed with bows and short swords, shields and leather, 50% chainmail and light horses. bandits are either bloodthirsty greedy types who prey upon all, or peasant-loving freedom fighter types who resent the cruelties of medieval aristocracy.
14: Bristleboar (giant boar 1d4) - territorial and tusky, will get bloodlust to defend piglets if wounded
15: Foreign scouts or raiders - 50% woodsman types, 2d12; 50% mounted medium cavalry scouts 3d10
16: Trolls: usual number (1d8), but trolls are vulnerable to bright sunlight, turning to stone after 3 rds of exposure to direct sunlight. they are stupid and smell. 1/4 chance a few trolls (25%) will know several different spells like web, acid arrow, darkness. Trolls are also fearsome to those failing a save when they roar. Some trolls vomit on their enemies, causing 1d4 points of damage to all those in a cone in front of the troll and possibly diseasing the victim (get a save).
17: Skeletal troop: 2d12 skeletal warriors march between forgotten battlefields in military formation, 50% lead by wight-lord
18: Faerie grove: graven trees, pixies & nixies
19: Trow or redcaps
20: Wood giants

Note: hamlets and pasturing herds can be found at will near roads and marked castles

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