Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Medieval Hack Character: Sir Morvan

So I got involved with some guys from G+ working on gritty realistic, low-magic open quest/chivalry & sorcery type of rpg. I might even get a chance to play test it next week in a hang out. In that light, here's the character I rolled up. One thing I like so far is that creating a character is its own little quest, determining what profession he's in and what happened to him.

Sir Morvan of Fian Gosse
3rd son of a noble Household Knight father

STR 11 (+0)
INT 11
FAI 12
WIL 10

SIZ 15
CON 12
CHA 13

HP 14
Age 28, Status 10
Virtue: Temperantia (self-control, justice, honor, and abstention)

Notable Skills (increased from background, vocations, and chosen increases)
Swords 82
Ride 80
Armor 77
Spears 67
Shield 79
Tactics 55
Influence 37
Perception 31

333 d.
Chain hauberk, Great Helm [1d10+3]; kite shield, longsword, lance
1 Charger (or whatever the biggest warhorse is), 1 Courser (or whatever the more rideable warhorse is)
extras: 1 lance, 1 chainmail tunic, 1 chain hauberk, 1 longsword

Sir Morvan is lord of a manor. The manor covers 3 sq miles, has 1000 acres of arable land, and a large village. The house is a fortified manor house, with 1 knight, 2 men-at-arms, 5 levy footmen, 210 serfs, 30 free farmers, and 2 craftsmen tied to it.

Sir Morvan earned his way into his lands. He started out his vocation as a lowly squire, but gained his spurs soon thereafter and became a household knight. After that, he was granted a fief and became a skilled, although not particularly respected, knight bachelor. Morvan experienced a religious epiphany and began to comport himself with increased fervor  vowing to follow the example of Saint Tudwal of Ulfland. He even attempted to join a Militant Order of the faith, but failed to gain entrance and so returned to his duties pledging his sword to his liege lord as a knight bachelor.