Friday, November 23, 2012

AD 1000 D&D

So, because Google Plus may not be the totally best format for something as beautifully engineered as Pendragon, especially when players have no familiarity with Pendragon before, I have come up with this little idea for another D&D. I want to want to DM something sword and sorcery like D&D Egypt-Athas, but I'm also not totally feeling it. Vikings and chainmail and raiding parties on the other hand, well, that's the shit for D&D, and especially appeals to me. So I bring you: D&D 1000 AD!!

I figure I'll set it in Normandy proper, because the Dukes there are Christian converts but related to all the Viking kings, with recently settled vikings forming most of the rulers. So, I figure I'll have some old ruins, pagan issues, and rivalries between the various kings. Also, it provides an opportunity for the PCs to be mercenaries in both Normandy and elsewhere if they choose. The idea is to be historical based, but with to max out the action adventure. Monsters and overt magic will exist in "mythic areas" like forests, old ruins, and coasts.

Character Creation rules - as Adventurer Conqueror King, with these differences:

1. Stats, 3d6, reroll all 1s, assign to taste.

2. Pick Class (templates from Comnpanion 49)
Fighter: Guard, Mercenary, Knight (Lancer) (christian only), and barbarian templates
Cleric: Priest or Hermit
Thief: Outlaw (Skulking and pick one: Trap Finding or Lockpicking)
Barbarian (Jutland-style only): Berserker, Huskarl, Viking (Sea Rover), Death Dealer
Mage: Wizard (pick three: Familiar, Loremastery, Healing, Naturalism, Alchemy) (as Magical Scholar equip)
Paladin: Scholae Palatine (Vanguard) (christian only)
Bard: Skald (as Minstril with Performance (Epic Poetry))
Explorer: Pathfinder, Scout
Witch: Village Witch (pagan only)
Venturer: Merchant Traveler
Changeling (Elf Nightblade): Deceiver

3. Pick Culture  - determines starting language, bonuses
Northman: +1 Str, +2 fear saves
Saxon/German:: +1 Con, +2 paralysis saves
Frank: +1 Cha, +1 initiative
Greek: +1 Int, pick bonus knowledge proficiency
Gael: +1 Dex, +1 bonus on mortal wounds chart

4. Pick Religion - Christian (Lawful or Neutral) or Pagan (Neutral or Chaotic)

In order to represent the increased import of something protecting you in battle in the dark ages and make armor more desirable to scavenge, I have revised the armors available as follows.
Furs  AC 1  (10 sp)
Leather  AC 2  (20 sp)
Scale Armor  AC 3  (50 sp)
Chain Mail Shirt (Haubergeon)  AC 4  (100 sp)
Chain Mail Hauberk  AC 5 [-1 Initiative] (300 sp)
Reinforced Chain Hauberk  AC 6 [-2 Initiative] (450 sp)
- chain hauberks also do not allow for dexterity bonuses to AC.

Combat rules are as normal in ACKS, with the option of adding Critical Hits. More on this to come.