Monday, September 16, 2019

Bretonnians! WFRP 4 NPCs

I created a list of stats for commonly-found Bretonnians folk in the spirit of WFRP first edition where they published lists of NPCs in the sourcebooks and adventures so you had all the stats you needed to kill maim steal and get kill maimed and stolen from.

These stats are for 4th edition WFRP and I have found them to be very handy. Not only can I pull up a random knight's stats for when my player inevitable stir the shit, when preparing an adventure I simply write down the guy's stats (Sworn Knight, Entertainer, Damsel, whatever). It's great.

This one also has my Bretonnian character creation rules - two new careers Bretonnian Knight (Knight Errant to Grail Knight) and Battle Pilgrim. I interpreted the famous Bretonnian 'Damsel,' who are prophetesses and priestesses of the goddess the Lady as Mystics careers under the new rules - except they can cast the full Lore of Heavens spells! Much cooler and dangerous that way. I also assume noble women generally can be wizards after training at the Tower of the Enchantress, there studying Life, Light, or Beast lores.

Anyhoo, below is the link to pdf of the Bretonnian stats.