Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tablelands Encounters

Here's a list of random encounters I came up with for my future Dark Sun ACKS game. Further details on the monsters with ACKS stats forthcoming. Some will be the usual Dark Sun 2e monsters scaled appropriately, maybe with some new ways of having their powers work (like the Braxat or Belgoi), while others are new monsters like the baboon men.

Random Monster Encounters (Check 2x per day, 5+)
  1. Sand Serpent (Ch'thrang)
  2. Braxat
  3. Yayn'nu (baboon-men)
  4. B'rhog
  5. Belgoi
  6. Merchant caravan (mekillot howdah, crodlu outrunners only)
  7. Gith
  8. Herd (erdlu, gazelle, goats)
  9. Escaped slaves or freemen
  10. Kanks (wild)
  11. Elf clan
  12. Giant scorpions
  13. Giant beetle swarm
  14. Thri-Kreen
  15. Ankheg
  16. Phase tiger
  17. Roc
  18. Tembo (bulette)
  19. Plains Giant
  20. Purple worm (so-ut)

Terrain Encounters (2d8)
2-4 Sandstorm
5-6 Sinkhole
7 Twister
8 Monolith (obelisk or stela)
9 Lightning storm
10 Ruins of old fortress or trading post
11-12 Campsite (for nomads or travelers)
13 Vegetation (strange cacti, scrubby trees, muddy oasis with flowering plants)
14 Obsidian or glass field
15 Cave and rock formation
16 Colossi

Motivations for encountered creatures:
Hungry and thirsty
Seeking escaped members or renegades
On the run from authorities or predators
Transporting goods or looking for new temporary home