Thursday, December 20, 2018

[Warhammer 4e] Expanded Spell Lists - Shadows & Beasts

One of the flaws of WFRP magic, and especially the latest edition of WFRP is the lack of more interesting non-combat spells (sometimes called utility spells). These are often some of the most fun parts of being a wizard character - messing with folks minds, creative uses of mending spells, so on. To alleviate some of this, I dipped into the second edition supplement Realms of Sorcery to add some of the better non-combat spells and added them to the two schools of magic most likely to make an appearance soon in my game (I have a Shadows Lore PC and an important Beast Lore NPC). In reviewing those 2e spells, I noticed that a great many of only slightly different, stupid spells from that edition have been replaced with mroe generally useful spells. For example, now Amber Wizards can cast Beast Form and pick whatever animal (terrestial or bird) to become, rather than learnign different spells for wings, land animals, etc. Good job Fourth Edition writers!! Anyway, I've compiled these spells into the summaries below.

Lore of Shadows Spells
Lore of Shadows spells listed WFRP 253. Spells adapted from Realms of Sorcery marked with a *.
2 (+0)
1 target opposed test WP against casting roll, or become befuddled for WB rounds. Roll 1d10: (1-2) may only Move or Act each round, (3-4) wander in random direction, (5-6) Attack nearest creature, be friend or foe, (7-8) Do nothing, count as Stunned, (9-0) Curl into ball, helpless
Choking Shadows
6 (-10)
1 target: +1 Fatigued Condition, cannot talk, and are subject to rules for Suffocation (WFRP 181)
Cloak Activity*
3 (+0)
Appear to others as doing one thing, when actually do another (only activity cloaked, not location). Only Second Sight (-10 Perception test) can detect falsehood. Lasts WB minutes.
10 (-30)
As Bewilder, but affects all within WB yards of point chosen by caster. Lasts WB rounds.
10 (-30)
Assume any other humanoid likeness. Only Second Sight (-10 Perception test) can detect falsehood. Lasts IB minutes.
8 (-20)
IB yards area made illusory image (Channeling test action to move around). Only Second Sight (-10 Perception test) to notice not real.
6 (-10)
All memory of caster disappears for WP minutes, then target +20 Int test to remember or forgets forever.
Mystifying Miasma
6 (-10)
All in WB yards area Blinded, Deafened , and Fatigued, and if they move, Perception test or fall Prone. At end or if dispelled, +40 Iniative test or Stunned.
Pall of Darkness*
4 (+0)
Create swirling impenetrable darkness WBx2 yards in diameter. Nothing seen through it or in it, all Blinded. If move within, test Perception or fall Prone. Lasts WB rounds.
6 (-10)
Summon shadowy Steed, lasts till next sunrise.
8 (-20)
Disappear in shadow, reappear Willpower yards away. If had been engaged with an enemy, they become Surprised.
Shroud of Invisibility
8 (-20)
1 touched target becomes invisible, only noticed by Second Sight (Perception test). Lasts WB rounds. Spell ends if Invisible person attacks.

Lore of Beasts
Spells listed WFRP 246. Spells from Realm of Sorcery marked with a *.
Amber Spear
8 (-20)
D+12 (+WB+SLs), ignore leather/fur armor; inflicts Bleeding; spear continues through targets (WP yards range), -1 D each time.
Amber Talons
6 (-10)
Grow claws, Melee (Brawl) attacks magical, D=WB and inflict Bleeding.
Beast Form
5 (+0)
Transform into wild Beast (WFRP 314), lose spellcasting ability.
Beast Made Well*
3 (+0)
Heal a beast WB+SL=W, and remove 1 critical wound or condition per SL.
Beast Master
10 (-30)
Creature with Bestial trait become loyal servant who will fight to death and follow your simply instructions. Lasts WB days.
Beast Tongue
3 (+0)
Can speak with animals and birds, +20 all Charm Animal and Animal Training tests. Lasts WP minutes, and can only speak beast tongue.
Cruelty to Animals*
0 (+20)
Anyone who harms an animal (beasts, not monsters) within sight cursed with -10 to characteristic tests of your choice. Lasts until next Full Moon.
Flock of Doom
8 (-20)
Call down crows or local birds, which assail foes within WB yard area. Within, all Blinded and +7 D each round (plus WB+SLs), lasts WB rounds. Control flock with +20 Charm Animal tests.
Hunter’s Hide
6 (-10)
+20 T, cause Fear, gain Dark Vision, Acute Smell (+20 Perception), lasts WB rounds.
4 (+0)
Touch target. All leather worn or carrying (armor, straps, bags, scabbards) turn to dust immediately.
Repugnant Transformation
7 (-10)
Opposed WP test to casting roll for 1 target. If lost, becomes furred, loses speech, and behaves as a base beast. Roll 1d10 to see what does next round:
1 Subject finds something interesting in his nostril and spends a round digging.
2 Subject defecates noisily, weeping for the force of the burst.
3 Subject screams for no reason and runs in a random direction, possibly into an obstacle.
4 Subject cackles wildly and attacks the closest living thing.
5 Subject looses a lowing noise and tries to embrace the nearest object.
6 Subject curls into a ball, giggling madly.
7 Subject dances a jig while waving his weapon (or hands about) over his head.
8 Subject acts normally for this round.
9 Subject stands mute.
10 Subject brays like a mule, forcing all allies within 8 yards (4 squares) to make Fear tests.
Wyssan’s Wildform
8 (-20)
Become Arboreal (+AB to SLs for Climb and Stealth), +2 Armor, Belligerent (), +10 S & T,  free attack Bite D+SB+1, Fear, Frenzy (+1 Dam, 1 free attack). Cannot use Language or Lore skills.
Winter’s Long Slumber
7 (-20)
Willing target hibernates, lasting this season and 1 season more. Need not eat, drink, any diseases poisons are interrupted. Only caster may wake (or dispelled, -40 difficulty).