Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Kingdoms of the Ironlands

Campaign begins in area disputed by four kingdoms:
The Black Kingdom, King Ademar Morvain (symbol: black crow on white or inverse colors): powerful kingdom, cold-eyed King, rules the misty, forested valleys and moors of the south east surrouding the black river. Saint Morgain the Lady is their patron, has shrine in capital, Blackmoat. Bannermen: of the Mistmoors (House Rannoch - black lady with chalice), bull's head (House Tor), bloody spear (House Bloodspear).

Timberlands (the Deepwoods), King Harald Godwin (black or brown bear on purple or red): controls river outlet onto the northern sea, deals with Storm reavers, big king notorious for his strength. Shrines to Saint Martell the Hammer, old high king who smashed the barbarians. Keep: Mountaingate (or the Gate). Port: Seaharrow. Banners: giant's head, crossed hammers, axe in a skull.

Thorn Kingdom: Queen Marilyn Vance (wizard), Artos Vance the Swan Knight (three thorn branches with small flowers atop). northwest. Seaside capital Whitecoast. Banners: two swords, blue tower.

Kingdom of Arn (the Shieldlands), King Arrys Hendrik (red boar on white): river uplands and hills to the west, tough squat fighters. West-southwest. City of Bellgate along , Seat of Church of Law. Famous woodland archers. Banners: lightning bolts, bishop of bellgate (three bells), stag.

Rostock the Free City (kingfisher & scales) - mercantile Venetian/Hanse/Dutch center in lagoons between Whitecoast and Woodlands. Burgermaster. Bank of Freeburg issues Patents in kind of universal thieves guild.

Quests noble lords give:
1. Collect taxes from restive peasants
2. Deal with bandits or raiders in lands
3. Find opposing host or knight
4. Assassinate rival or troublemaker
5. Scout/infiltrate enemy stronghold
6. Augment lord's host in upcoming battle
7. Steal/obtain something of value lord wants: magic weapon, jewelry, shipment
8. Investigate mystery: last known location of magic, relic, sighting of weirdness.
9. Pious lord wants PCs to crusade against pagans or site of monstrosity

Complications from working for lords often result: battlefield or tourney challenges, try to have assasinated, etc.

Encounters in Four Kingdoms (6+ per half-days travel):
1. Patrol of knight on his fief, accompanied by household knights, squires.
2. Traveling merchants, or peasants seeking freedom
3. Giant elk, boars, wolves, bears, or mountain lions.
4. Visitors or raiders from other fief (depends how close to border)
5.  Pagans! Either Utlanders or Stormreavers (if close to sea or river)
6. Unhallowed ground: attract undead skeletons, ghosts, wights - something happened nearby
7. Wild game, able to be consumed

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