Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Campaign Start

Prince Mhered Roesson (black stag heraldry) is dead. Now the Cairnstones are up for grabs between the Black Kingdom and the Kingdom of Thorns (Whitehaven). As soon as he receives the raven, the Morvain sends his nephew Laird Morvain with three ships and many knights to act as regent for the county. Whitehaven sends an envoy under its own colors to investigate as well, although the Morvain will arrive first. Both Kingdoms argue they have claim to the lands, but the Roesons are Morvain bannermen. Ettya was of House Talys, bannermen of the Tintagels.

Mhered is survived by his two daughters Krissia and Kylessa and wife Ettya. They are cowering in the upper chambers.

First off, Mhered's men must check to surrender, begging for mercy if they fail. Around 300 heavy foot (AC 5, Att 9+, 1d6 sword/1d8 crossbow) and 50 household knights (AC 6, Att 9+, 1d10 lance/1d6 sword) remain in Cairnstones.
Second, the Prince's family is secretly hiding in the upper rooms of the Guildhall, guarded by 15 men.
Third, baron in countryside might rally support for his own claim to the Cairnstones. Many other barons might seek revenge for the murder of their husbands, brothers and kinsmen at the hands of barbarians. The PCs might have to engage in some diplomacy or combat with these forces.
Fourth, the PCs will have to deal with broader struggle between the Black Kingdom and the Thornlands.

Other Hooks
The White Witch holds her own lands the north of the Rannochs' Witchtower, near the Stonecrown mountains. The Seamists (mountains to the west of Loch Moray and the Cairnstones).

The old castle of Cairnstones is abandoned, the Guild did not rebuild it. It was abandoned when, according to rumor, a dragon made its dungeons a lair, connected to mountain spring caverns to the west. The old arms and treasure of the House Cariele of the Cairnstones is rumored to lie beneath. Further, the Cairnstones would be a mighty fortress if restored for whoever could hold it.

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