Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Area Map of the Ironlands

The Ironlands Map

This is lacking the Storm Isles I want to include, home of the pagan barbaric celtic-viking guys.

The various kingdoms are Arn/the Shieldlands to the west, centered around inland castle on the river. The Thorn Kingdom is centered around the central peninsula, thinking their seat will be called Whitehaven, based on Tintagel (might even change House name to Tintagel). Blackmoat, seat of the Black Kingdom is centered in that loch. The Timberlands are in the valley in the northeast - I'm thinking a pacific northwest/the North of Seven Kingdoms vibe.

Basically, I'm trying to follow Game of Thrones naming conventions because my players like it. House names can be weird/family sounding, but geographic names I'm trying to keep descriptive. I'm hoping this increases identification and helps the players keep track of who's who - they might remember Redwyne and Bloodspear, Blackmoat and Mistmoors more than more Tolien-esque etymologically unique names.

Still debating some tweaks, beyond the inclusion of my dragon-infested iron islands. Some mountains perhaps between Blackmoat and the Moors to its east, whether I'm going to include a Free City of Rostock, adding a pass in the mountains between the Black Kingdom and the Timberlands. I think I might make the westernmost city the independent one, it can be on the trade routes to Zenopia and Kemesh to the south.

Next up: a description of the Mistmoors, and their ruling family the Rannochs, including random encounter chart. Resize map to cut off extraneous western portion? add some more rivers?

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