Sunday, August 23, 2015

North Kingdoms: the Search for Shotey

After the death of Shotey, the companions gathered his body in Nymeria's raven cloak and set forth to find the Witch of Oakrest who had sent them to kill the ancient spider, Goliant. Perhaps they reasoned, they could ask her to bring back his spirit from across the Veil.

After they departed the spiders lair, gathering the previous gemstones they found there, they met the Old Man of the Wood sitting atop his evacuated horse. He demanded gifts for the affront of not paying him homage when the companions entered the forest, and he lecherously looked upon Nymeria. The companions agreed but asked if he could use his powers to bring back Shotey. He warned them of the dangers of piercing the veil between life and death, but agreed.

The companions set out south through the forest to the Sarneth Marshes for a Moon Lily blossom needed for the Old Mans ritual. They stopped at Broadheath to buy supplies but quickly discovered the tale of how they slew the lord of Oakrest had spread through the lands on the lips of the bard they encountered in Oakrest at the feast hall. The companions fled Broadheath and plunged into the swamp.

Evading the will o the wisps through clever use of magic spells, the companions returned in time with the moon lily and Shotey was reborn, though with visions of an Balrog's smoke-breathing face before his eyes.

the Witch of Oakrest's House

After the resurrection the companions left the Bleakwood and headed back to Oakrest, which they found burned to ashes.  They searched for the Witch, but she was gone from her house and her animal familiar suspected captured. The companions returned to Oakrest to search for scraps of metal to constitute some armor for the dwarf king, they fell upon a band of drunken Variags in the night. The companions moved into to attack...

a variag veteran

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