Thursday, August 6, 2015

blog update

The problem I've noticed with my hands off style and seat of my pants DMing is that the players lose track of all the campaign details and plotlines I put out there. Players normally can't even track the 1-3 major NPCs they interact with, but they do remember their enemies or random friends (some street urchin, Dr. Sir Bubblesworth, the Squirrel, Esq.).

So I've resurrected this blog so I have somewhere to put the session recaps for my offline, ongoing basic d&d campaign. There's a ton of PCs (like 8) and plot hook stuff has also been getting lost, so I'm going to try and post on the regular. It's the same campaign that started with a modified Caves of Chaos and half-brewed ruleset from 2013, and by far the longest running d&d I've ever done.

A blog seems like it'd be also convenient for posting house rules and other resources (I'm planning some spell list posts), probably some setting description resources so the players can actually remember things. I've got an ambition of putting up a review of some rpg stuff I buy too. I'd like to do some rule theorizing as well, but we'll see.

Expect a flurry of background resources and setting info, hopefully with regularly updated session recaps (to keep me honest) to follow and keep the blog alive.

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