Thursday, August 13, 2015

Death of King Shotey, Long Live the King

During the battle against the ancient and terrible spider Goliant, dwarf King Shotey valiantly faced off against the spider in single combat, hacking at it from below. In a serious of critical blows from the beasts terrible fangs, dripping with the most potent venom in the north, however, Shotey was slain and Goliant's mandibles rended him into pieces. The other companions tricked Goliant into staying emerged from his lair with clever spell use, and then slew the ancient foe in vengeance. Much experience and valuable gemstones were gained, but at the loss of the mightiest dwarf in all the north.

The companions vowed to see the witch of Oakrest about a resurrection, or at least give Shotey a proper burial. 

Companions present:
King Shotey the Second of his name
Davon Thornwood the Drunk Druid
Pru (briefly at the end, someone remembered to play her)
Mayvis the catman 
Sir Bloodaxe Magistus (and his squire and squires horse)
Bowie Glitterboots
Hazad the merciless
Ellazon the wise

1600-1700 xp each
4 diamonds from Goliant's eyes
4 emeralds
8 precious sapphires
A horn, banded in gold, known to deafen and frighten the weak willed
A old sword, carved with cirith runes

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