Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Earl's Court

Earl Roderick, Count of Salisbury, Lord of Sarum Castle
Earl Roderick is a harsh but fair man (Just 16, Loyalty (Uther) 17, Hate Saxons 18, Battle 20, Sword 20, Suspicious (unwarlike men)). He seeks to root out the many problems of his realm, and increase the number of skilled fighting men. Thus he favors martial activities and approves of warring and hunting, but is suspicious of courtly activities. He fiercely loves Uther and will hear no disapproval of him, despite disfavored acts he hears Uther engaging in.

Castellans: Sir Amig of Tilshead, Marshall Elad of Vagon, castellans of Devizes and Ebble, and Du Plain.

Lord Hywel, Banneret of Winterslow: an aged widower who dotes on his beloved minor daughter (age 8) Lillian. Hywel will agree to a marriage to anyone she wishes and who is kind to him as well. Earl Roderick would only assent if the suitor has 3k Glory or proved capable of working with the nuns and monks of Amesbury Abbey nearby. Roderick is disappointed with Hywel, who while capable is not a paragon on martial ability or assertiveness.

Bishop Roger of Salisbury: favors christian knights, seeks aid whenever he gets into trouble with his peasants from them. Doesn't believe Roderick takes the pagan "weakness" of the faith seriously.

Sir Jaradan, Sword 22, ambitious (Selfish 16) and Proud 16. He will challenge and insult those he deems weaker than him, and constantly volunteers and lickspittles towards the Count.

Sir Bars, a big and homely knight, but also brave and extremely loyal. He is the lord of the manor bording Silchester and has recently had troubles with raids along the Salisbury-Silchester road to London.

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