Monday, June 25, 2012

The Winter Phase & Other Pendragon Materials

The Winter Phase:

  1. Roll for Experience Checks
  2. Check for Aging (if applicable) [KAP 107]
  3. Check Landholding System (including Fortune, Harvest, Income) [Book of the Manor 48] 
    1. Remove Hate (Landlord) mechanic: just deal with effects in game narratively
  4. Make Stable & Childbirth Rolls [KAP 108]
  5. Make Family & Local Events Rolls [Expanded Family Events Table]
    1. 1-2 No Event, 3-6 Local Event (roll again), 7-20 Family Event (odd or even)
    2. alternative system for family events in KAP if too cumbersome
  6.  Training & Practice [KAP 111]
  7. Compute Glory & Glory Bonuses [KAP 112]
  8. Deal with Events at Local Court & Make Investments
    1. decide if peasants or other nobles come to court beyond the rolls in the Book of the Manor

The Adventuring Phase
After the Winter Phase is dealt with, dealing with the local events around the knights' own manors, then comes time to be summoned for duty at the Liege's (Count's) Court, where the main adventures can occur. Here the knights can hear distant rumors of the king's court, might be summoned there instead, attempt to woo ladies with the liege lord's permission, or forget about it and get straight to killing or performing the lord's own duties. Of course, the knights can interact with each other using messenger birds or undertake their own actions either before or after their yearly service.

Other Resources:
Feasts - Random Feast Tables
Travel in Countryside: Random Encounter Tables from [Blood and Lust 17]

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