Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dark Sun Hack for ACKS

So beyond Pendragon, I've been working off and on to create a hacked up Dark Sun using the ACKS rules. Rules-wise, I like ACKS way better, although the race-as-class aspect is alittle difficult to square with Dark Sun's numerous races. I think I've come up with a nice solution, and converted and standardized most equipment and classes for Dark Sun. Here are the rules I will be using:

Dark Sun ACKS Player's Guide (Classes, Equipment, Rules)

Additionally, I want to alter the setting alittle bit to fit my vision of the Ancient Egyptian sword-and-sorcerery type place. Having Sorcerer-Kings as the god-rulers of various city-states, as in Dark Sun, perfectly fits this vision for me. Templars are their servants and the powerful magics of the Sorcerer-Kings means they can grant divine spells to their followers. I want jackal-headed templars and city-guards, like in Stargate (the movie, not those horrible tv shows). I also want it to be a kind of Dark Sun hexcrawl. Here it is in proper OSR setting format (thanks Tales of the Grotesque & In Places Deep for the inspiration):

Precis: Dark Sun with an ancient egyptian feel. Oppressive Sorcerer-Kings rule in monument-filled city-states in a harsh magical desert-land where survival is not guaranteed.

Conspectus: running desert elves, stone and bronze weapons, dark sorceries sucking the life from the land and its denizens, dinosaur-mounts, halfling cannibals, treacherous merchants Houses, animal-headed templars smiting the enemies of the kings, corrupt bureacrats and arbitrary laws, turtle-shelled monstrosities like braxats, gladiators, sand giants, obelisks, pyramids, ziggarauts, gith desert raiders, rebellious slaves, purple worms, rare metals, silt sea, magically-bred races and monsters, colossi in the desert.

Inspirations: orientalist artwork, brom, dark sun, ancient egyptian artwork, Conan the Barbarian, Stargate.

Taste, Sound, Image: curries, dates, campfire-cooked meats, Conan the Barbarian full-orchestral soundtrack, these (some image dump):

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