Friday, November 23, 2018

[Warhammer Sessions] Recap by one of my players...

In addition to the video, below, here's a recap of where we're at in the last Warhammer session by the player of Jarlyle.

 We finished the fight that those knights started with us (the one we didn't get to finish last time). Boneshard tackled and captured one of the knights.

We took the knight to Ermengard's men and sided with him when we jumped into the fray to try to dig out a surrounded Chrodigar. Regis was left to watch the knight.

Boneshard killed a few people, but got too wounded to dig out Chrodigar. In the end though, while Chrodigar presumably took heavy losses, Agrivane still lost the battle to Ermengard. He retreated to a nearby stronghold, and is now, also presumably, besieged.

At the end of the battle, we learned that Chilfroy, Chrodigar's son, had been kidnapped by Agrivane and taken back to the stronghold.

Oh, I left out that Jarlyle tried to walk away from the campain on the that Chilfroy had been captured.
We're just stuck solving these nobles' problems recursively.
I suggested that we could simply live more peaceful lives.
Nick suggested that there would just have to be a lot of random encounters, and I expressed dismay at his line of thinking.


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