Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Lands of Khem: Rules

So starting a new game with Lamentations of the Flame Princess and Wonders & Wickedness for magic to do an Egyptian sword and sorcery setting. Influences for campaign inspiration: ancient egypt, vikings, norman knight-adventurers, sword and sorcery, carcosa, wilderlands, Gabor lux's fomalhaut, hyboria.

I made a Lamentations and Wonders cheat sheet which contain all the rules for character creation and spells, check it out below. Get the Lamentations rules here. House Rules:

  • No demi-humans, no cleric
  • New classes: Berserk (based on old dwarf class), Hunter (based on old halfling)
  • Ability scores (wildly generous): 3d6 in order, reroll set if less than net +1 score bonus, may swap 2 (wis for str)
  • Culture: civilized (+1 to int wis or cha), barbarian (+1 str or con), or nomad (+1 DEX or con).
  • 6 pts plus 1 free backstab for Specialists
  • New skill: Medicine
  • XP for silver or gold and for alignment and carousing per Jeff Rients
  • DM makes ALL skill rolls until the players can handle not fucking rolling before describing what they actually do!
  • New initiative by segment: first round, check surprise and do any surprise rounds, then everyone with (1) ranged attacks goes, (2) any movement (shooting in this segment if -shoot and move, this is your full round if you move more than combat speed), (3) melee, (4) spells. Roll off d6+DEX within each segment to break ties or whatever makes sense
  • Mighty cleaves: to replicate the sword and sorcery feel, get a free attack against an adjacent opponent after felling an opponent (enemies get this too!). But remember a surrounding attackers get +2/4 to attack, plus limit shield AC.
  • Death at -4 hp, but take permanent ability score damage/wounds after galling below 0 unless death save.
  • equipment: armor bonus is penalty to Exhaustion (after exertion, save or lose 1 hp per round if don't rest), survival and desert travel saves (lose hp in harsh conditions); chainmail is northern, in south scalemail, made of many metals.
  • the only usual magic items: warding amulets from temples, potions with 1st level spell effects from Alchemist Guild; allow Alchemy skill but rare and starts at zero
  • beyond XP, Lawful are more likely to receive help from authorities and divines, be regarded as not-an-asshole by normal people

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