Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Encounters in the Delta and near the Great River

(Roll reactions! Even for the animals)
1 hippopotamus
2 crocodile
3 lizardfolk
4 wild gazelle
5 pharaonic war galley with soldiers
6 peasant traders, village nearby 
7 peasant fishermen
8 flock of waterfowl
9 trade barge
10 vegetation choking the channel, rot, roll again- likely useful to someone
11 ruins: fallen colossus statue or monument, flooded temple or abandoned village
12 school of carp
13 mud-flats/shallows as far as the eye can see
14 river pirates or bandits 
15 pleasure barge
16 peasants watering cattle
17 travellers or slavers from foreign land (1 Argossi, 2 Abaddoni, 3 northern barbarians 4 southern barbarians)
18 nomads hunting, unfamiliar with so much water
19 spirits of the dead, angry for their neglected welfare; or corpses, floating
20 baboons or water snakes


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