Sunday, January 19, 2014


Hill Troll
(For use in Tolkienish b/x and acks D&d games)
No. 1d6 
HD 6+2
AC 4
Damage: 2d6+2 club or grab below
Special Attacks: once per round rather than attack with its club, the Hill Troll can pick up an medium or smaller enemy in one hand. If it hits, the citing must save v paralysis or will be gripped and unable to move except to talk but may save every round to escape (DM choice on falling damage). The hill troll can attack with its club against other targets with up to 1 held victim, or devote it's round smashing the held target with its damage (no attack roll, just roll damage).
Weakness: exposure to direct daylight will turn hill trolls to stone, they may save v paralysis every round. A light spell can blind them for similar reasons, making them lose a round if they fail a spell save.
Saves: F6
Morale: 0
XP: 600

Olog Hai
No. 1d6 (always found at the direction of the Enemy in his fastnesses and with his lieutenants)
HD 1d6+2
AC 10 (hide + iron plates)
Damage: 2d8, sweep 
Special attacks: sweep- olog hai are trained to smash through enemies with their great iron mallets, they roll one attack and hit up to 3 enemies in an arc in front of them based on the same attack roll.
Weaknesses: olog hai are vulnerable to sunlight and can be stunned 1 round if failing a spell save for any round light is cast on them or every round fighting in sunlight. Bred by magics, they do not turn to stone as their cousins.
Morale: +2
XP: 800

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